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Need an Emergency Dentist Fast?
We are not far away and we operate 24/7!
We answer the phone no matter what time it is – we are proud to be a top-rated dentist in Cheshire who can say that!

If you have pain, swelling, broken tooth, lost crown/veneer/filling, please call our 24/7 emergency line: 01625 403 673 and we will make an emergency appointment at our Dental Clinic in Wilmslow for you to see our emergency dentist.

There is nothing complicated about our service and you will be surprised by our calming nature. We will take a few details over the phone about your emergency. Below we have more information for you about how to get to us. (it’s a fully interactive Google Map with directions, so just click ‘More Options’ in the top left to get precise directions from your exact location).

We also list a range of emergencies we cover, plus some FAQ’s, but please call us straight away if you have any concerns – we are here to help you!

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